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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tattoo Age: Mutsuo

This series revolves around an artist named Mutsuo who tattoos at the world-famous Three Tides Tattoo in Osaka, Japan. Mutsuo went from being one of the shop's first customers to its first apprentice, and now he is considered its most senior tattoo artist. He learned the trade from all the American tattoo masters who visited Three Tides, and got what Chris Garver calls "a 90s-style tattoo education.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Koi Fish: One of the most sought after designs in the world of Tattoos

The famous Japanese koi fish tattoo is a traditional design and one of the most sought after today.

This is a Japanese design tattoo of a river carp which has 20 varieties of colors, very beautiful in its natural undulations that give life and movement to the tattoo.

Tattooed on both color and black, with designs of waves accompanying Japanese letters and landscapes, this tattoo has a history, legend and meaning.

This river carp nothing upstream like salmon, to spawn, most dying in the attempt ... what makes this fish is the reproductive instinct, a term that nature imbues all his creatures to life to continue, is so ...

According to legend, the koi fish swim upstream and to cascade up, fighting the elements still in its apparent fragility, to spawn, which makes him a brave and risky fish, which gives all for love ... and if it reaches the top of the waterfall is transformed into a dragon.

This romantic interpretation of nature makes the koi fish tattoo acquire greater significance, the transmutation of simple fish to dragon, the courage and power, love and destiny ... all in a beautiful tattoo that also make you look sophisticated and elegant as a Japanese wrestler

Do you like full body tattoo? Japanese method

The full body Japanese tattoos are usually from mid-thirteenth century, and is thought to be started to cover the tattoos convictions, that marked these people as thieves and murderers, or pointed to persons belonging to the mafia.

To cover these tattoos was the only major tattooing on them, that the cover and concealment.

Funds on waves, clouds, landscapes and imaginary dragon rays tattoos, flowers, birds, moons, tigers and symbols.

Often the background is colored, even black, which further underscores the beauty of the drawings.

These great Japanese tattoos usually cover the whole body clearing the center of the chest over the sternum.

The most common themes, as well as mythical animals are Buddhists and sukoden scenes and geishas.

The physical, emotional and economical to have these full body Japanese tattoos, is enormous. The work may take about 5 years of weekly sessions and one or more million yen.

The great world famous Japanese tattoo due to its enormous artistic level, the fact that the designs are integral and form a harmonious conceptual, and the traditional way to do this: with a touch of bamboo impregnated with ink.

In Japan where tattooed themed bars attend expose their bodies and their designs.

In this video we can enjoy a Japanese tattoo specialist and wonderful designs.

Tattooing in Japan has a long history of tradition, art and beauty, and goes back to the Paleolithic, and throughout history had different uses: from punishment to offenders who were thus marked for life by their crimes, even tattoos female prostitutes and courtesans, through casual fashion with tattoos of couples together complete at the hands of the couple, and so on.

From the period covering the years 1600 to 1868, the subject of tattooing gives an important turn, and begins to develop as an art form.

This movement grew out of the woodblock print of the famous epic warriors appeared Suikoden where the bodies decorated with dragons, tigers, mythical beasts and flowers ... from here the demand for tattoos was impressive.

The woodcut became tattoo artists and customers acquired more experience using many of its tools and a special ink that is black Nara called the tattoo but it turns green or blue under the skin.

Who tattooed at that time still under debate, many believe that some merchants, unable to demonstrate their wealth because they chose to wear expensive pleveyos tattoos, art treasures under their clothes, like a great luxury.

Irezumi is the name given to tattoos in Japan, and while the beginning and motivations may still under discussion, the truth is they are very beautiful and its long tradition not only protects you from changes in attitude and fashion, but also leaves the door open to constant change and artistic growth.

Information about Maori Tattoos

Maori tattoos are very traditional, and still designs used by local communities for millennia, despite the British ban after the conquest.

The Maori tattoo or facial moko is, and also occurs throughout the body, indicating membership in the tribe, caste, and opens the gates of the spiritual traveler must cross this threshold after death.

Today many anthropologists differ on the real meaning of the designs and these data may be deprived of this ethnic group that does not have to reveal their most precious spiritual secrets. Thus we can find several explanations unable to reach definitive conclusions.

The old technique for making these tattoos Maori still holding between the more traditional and is performed with bamboo spikes and a high quality black ink.

The truth is that, fortunately, diversity and racial pride have survived British settlement and we can then all hope, that globalization is far from cruel reality.

Lovers of bogan body modifications by customizing and individuality, and freedom of expression and aesthetics.



Friendship tattoos are replacing the traditional medals formerly shared among friends, as well as alliance tattoos are becoming more common to replace the wedding rings.

Undoubtedly, the tattoo is imposed strongly among the new generation and begin to think of these designs to increasingly early ages.

It is said that true friends are for life and that is why many people choose to share a design that one and express your love.

Although we never know what lies ahead if we are already many years next to a good friend, you may want to feel united by a symbol like this. As tattoos of friendship symbols are often used as the hippocampus or animals or dolphins.

The designs are tattoos of friendship, when joined with the other person, are completed. In general, half design each tattoo to represent that they are a part of the relationship and together form a whole. Others, however, choose to make an identical design that does not lose sense if cutting the friendship with the other. But although the drawing expresses something in itself, if you break the friendship, it is likely that the tattoo no longer represent anything that is a painful memory.

The tattoo can be shared between two people or a group, even can choose a word or symbol that represents itself to those particular people.

The friendship tattoos are a good way to make a relationship. Although many use them as a symbol of a friendship that is starting, it should be done with someone with whom we share a story to avoid having to delete it in case things are not as we expected.

Kanji Tattoos: JAPAN

Kanji tattoos are very popular for being an exotic and eye-catching design, but often do not understand the true meaning of becoming a tattoo of this type.

Kanji are the Chinese ideographic characters are commonly used in one of the three Japanese writing systems.

The form of construction of words and concepts is very different from the one we know, as expressed not only a Kanji character or letter, but each Kanji shows a concept, an idea or an object in itself.

Kanji designs can be very different, according to what you want to express. But whatever the word, always look very colorful and attractive. Small designs can be made on the wrists, hands or neck, or write more than one word over the back or arm. It all depends on individual taste.

Before performing a Kanji tattoo, you should have a minimum knowledge of Japanese and what does the word or group of words that we translate into our skin. These tattoos, besides being beautiful, have a deep meaning that is good to know. A Kanji tattoo should not just because it looks cute.

The Kanji tattoos continue to grow in popularity because it is a novel form of expression for Westerners but also by the many possibilities of expressing our ideas that these characters have to offer.