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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Eye of Horus Tattoo: One of the most potent charms against the evil eye

The Eye of Horus tattoos are very popular around the world and also to look super well have a very particular meaning.

The eye of Horus or also known as Udyat is a symbol to which magical powers, guards, cleaners, healers and others. It is also a solar symbol embodying the order, undisturbed and perfect state of cosmic-state stability.

The story goes that Horus was the son of Osiris, the god who was murdered by his brother Seth. Horus sought to avenge the death of his father fighting with his murderer. In a fierce encounter Horus suffered the mutilation of his left eye. Thoth intervened and replaced the wounded eye of Horus by Udyat so he could see again. The new eye was magical.

The eye of Horus designs do not vary much. The aesthetic is always the same, although we can find different sizes and colors. A curious fact is that it is the first hieroglyphic symbols of rational numbers.

In Ancient Egypt was very popular to be considered effective to repair and prevent any evil. Today the Egyptian culture lovers and those who believe in the powers of the amulets is used as a talisman.

A tattoo of the eye of Horus is the same as carrying some medal or little picture in my wallet. It is a belief and as the saying goes, believe or burst. To keep problems away forever nothing better than a small tattoo amulet.

Koi Fish: One of the most sought after designs in the world of Tattoos

The famous Japanese koi fish tattoo is a traditional design and one of the most sought after today.

This is a Japanese design tattoo of a river carp which has 20 varieties of colors, very beautiful in its natural undulations that give life and movement to the tattoo.

Tattooed on both color and black, with designs of waves accompanying Japanese letters and landscapes, this tattoo has a history, legend and meaning.

This river carp nothing upstream like salmon, to spawn, most dying in the attempt ... what makes this fish is the reproductive instinct, a term that nature imbues all his creatures to life to continue, is so ...

According to legend, the koi fish swim upstream and to cascade up, fighting the elements still in its apparent fragility, to spawn, which makes him a brave and risky fish, which gives all for love ... and if it reaches the top of the waterfall is transformed into a dragon.

This romantic interpretation of nature makes the koi fish tattoo acquire greater significance, the transmutation of simple fish to dragon, the courage and power, love and destiny ... all in a beautiful tattoo that also make you look sophisticated and elegant as a Japanese wrestler