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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Made in Japan - Miami Ink

Yoji, the apprentice, has been told by Ami before - no head tattoos! But there's no dissuading some people.

Black Panther - Miami Ink

Garver gets to draw a black panther, one of his favourite tattoos to ink.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ami Interview - Miami Ink

Ami James gives an exclusive interview about life, work and tattoos.

Puppy Love - Miami Ink

Many people love their pets, but this biker chick may be taking her affections a little too far.

Pixie Acia Interview - LA Ink

Kat's friend Pixie gives an exclusive interview before getting her tattoo done.

Bonding or Flirting - NY Ink

Apprenticeship - NY Ink

Playboy Bunny Cover-Up - London Ink

Getting a playboy bunny tattooed on your rear may seem like a good idea when you're young, but English Rose Debbie wants to cover it up with something a little more refined.

A Bad Mistake - London Ink

The London Ink team don't hold back when a customer comes in with his ex-girlfriend, glamour model Alicia Douvall's name tattooed across his arm.

Japanese Samurai Tattoo - NY ink

Retired Firefighter Bobby wanted a Japanese samurai tattoo to remind him of the tragic day of 9/11. He was inside the twin tower lobby when the second flight crashed into the building.

Method Man Tattooing - NY Ink

Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man came to Ami's shop for a killer bee tattoo by Tommy, once that was done Method Man tried his hand at tattooing to give Tommy something in return!

Billy's First Tattoo - NY Ink

Billy is about to start his first tattoo, when Ami decided to go out with his little brother. Luckily Tommy is here to help.

Tattoo Tales - Tommy - NY Ink

Tommy's first tattoo was, shall we say, roughly drawn. But his favorite tattoo honours his best friend from Baldwin Park who was gunned down by police.

Alien Tattoo - NY Ink

Model/make-up artist Ashley came into the tattoo shop to get some ink of an Alien on her forearm. An usual tattoo choice, one may say!

Bai Ling Gets Inked - NY Ink

The infamous Chinese actress Bai Ling pops into the tattoo parlour for some new ink and some flirting.

For My Family - NY Ink

Ami takes time at the end of his day to video chat with his daughter in Florida.

Beth Shak: Poker Hotty - NY Ink

Professional poker player Beth Shak slinks through the door of the tattoo shop wanting to get some ink in a very intimate place. What's more, Beth wants to settle the bill over a game of poker. Can Ami keep his cool?

Cake Boss Meets NY Ink

Cake Boss's very own Mauro pops into Wooster Street Social Club to surprise his wife with a new tattoo.