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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Henna triumphs among lovers of tattoos

Henna is a product increasingly popular among people who want temporary tattoos done. This is an element that, in its natural form, without risk to health. However, the medical community is concerned about the increased use of a variety of henna including toxic additives that can cause skin damage: black henna.

The dermatologist Laura Sanchez explains the composition of this modification of the original henna. "A henna black has been added which is a substance, which is a synthetic dye called phenylenediamine, which is typically used to color the hair. Such sensitizing dye is and what is not known at what concentration va ".

Recent clinical studies say that when you exceed the 6% maximum tolerable concentration of this substance, the product is likely to cause skin burns. In some cases, concentrations were found up to 15%.

However, black henna tattoos made ​​with last about a month, compared to printed with natural henna, which erases a fortnight or so. In use specialized local insist it is better to go to a dermatologist before applying the tattoo.

"We do not know exactly what composition is, because this product is not passed a health record," says Esther Velasco, director of professional tatuadota ETHNIC FUSION. "We here at the centers, what we do is always informed consent, that is, always, always advise to do an allergy test."