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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Top 10 Best Of The Craziest World Records !!

Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records Longest Fingernails Longest Time of Full Body Contact in Snow Most Hula-Hoopers in One Spot Most Naked People on a Roller Coaster Deepest Underwater Cycling World’s Fastest Toilet Most Fried Rice Largest Airplane Eater Man with Most Piercing Man with Tattoo 10 Longest Fingernails Many of us have difficulty growing our nails, after a certain point of time, we just prefer to cut them, mostly because of hygiene reasons. After a certain time, we tend to have difficulty performing any task, with long nails, and thus will cut them. They are hard to maintain, and would break after some time. But Lee Redmond has made this possible. she met with an accident, and lost all of her nails, that she carefully had been growing. Luckily this accident happened after she got it into world record, otherwise her hard work would have been wasted. 9 Longest Time of Full Body Contact in Snow Well we all know, how terrible winter cold can get, and especially if there is snow. When there is snow, we spend most of our times covered in full length clothes, hats, winter coat, and gloves. Holding snow balls with mere naked hands, it gives us chills, and after some time we can’t hold on to it. Such case is different for Oleksiy Gutsulyak, who is from Ukraine. Oleksiy Gutsulyak is known to hold the record of having direct and full body contact in snow, which he accomplished in the year 2013, For unbelievable 60 minutes and 8 seconds. He got out as it had become too cold after that. 8 Most Hula-Hoopers in One Spot It is not easy to be able to balance hula hoop around your waist and swirl. It requires great amount of balance, strength, endurance, motor coordination, and more. Such activity took place in the year 2013, which happened at Thammasat University Stadium present in Bangkok. This was considered as a world record as about 4,843 people gathered, and took up this task, which went on for about 7 minutes. Also this was in unison, and it is a little crazy, having so many people performing it together. 7 Most Naked People on a Roller Coaster Roller Coasters are fun ride to have. They give us extreme pleasure, and we enjoy it. Well many are certainly scared of it, but most of the people enjoy it, and is the best ride at any amusement park, which one has to try. Each of the amusement have different length, and types of roller coasters, which are of great thrill. But imagine a group of people, going for roller coaster ride with being fully naked. 6 Deepest Underwater Cycling Many of us are fond of cycling, it’s a fun activity, and also a means of transportation for many people. Cycling is fun, and it is great for exercising purpose as well, it helps in keeping you fit. Many of the people can perform various stunts with cycle, and it’s a pleasure to watch, but what would make it crazier is riding it underwater. This crazy thing has actually been done, by peddling cycle underwater for 855m which is 2,805 feet and 1 inch. 5 World’s Fastest Toilet This would definitely make you feel bizarre, but this has actually taken place, and is in the world record. This is like having a motorcycle or a side car being hidden under the toilet sit. Well if you are stuck in between traffic, and the stomach gets upset, then it becomes a very unpleasant experience to wait till you get there. 4 Most Fried Rice This would make anyone feel hungry. Well we all have heard of world’s largest pizza, burger, dosa, etc. but fried rice hardly. This task was taken by 52 of the chefs, who have set their foot in world record, with this. This was held in a fair at Costa Rica, on February 2013. This huge amount of Catonese type fried rice was served to more than 7000 people, and it weighted up to 3000 pounds. 3 Largest Airplane Eater This is unimaginable, have you ever thought that a person would be able to eat an airplane? We may ask ourselves, if that is even possible, but yes it is. This is one of the craziest record, noted. The person who holds such record and is the only person to do so, is Michel Lotito. 2 Man with Most Piercing Isn’t this really bizarre and crazy. There is a man who has got a tile in world record book, for having the most piercing done. The pain of getting 5-6 piecing is scary, but Rolf Buchholz, has got total of 453 piercings. This took place in the year 2010, where he presented himself by having about 278 piercing around genital area, and around lips where he has about 158 piercings. 1 Man with Tattoo This man is fond of getting tattoos, and has spend a lot of hours with several tattoo artists. He has got a lot of colored tattoos on his body, and this is something he likes. His name is Lucky Diamond Rich, who is from Australia. Thanks For watching Please Subscribe For new Vidos And Stray with us with ___ Facebook http://ift.tt/2nFVyHE Twitter https://twitter.com/TopTube5 tumblr http://ift.tt/2naFsrG Reddit http://ift.tt/2nFWUCb

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