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Sunday, June 18, 2017

archaeologists discover shocking mystery about easter island heads

Its WATCHZOZO HERE !! The subject of today is : archaeologists discover shocking mystery about easter island heads It was recently discovered that there’s more than meets the eye with these head statues at Easter Island. The heads are attached to bodies that are buried deep underground. These statues are called actually called “Moai” and were carved from hardened volcanic ash by the Rapa Nui people between 1250 – 1500 CE. The average heads above ground is about 13 feet tall. Some of the biggest statues can stand 33 feet tall, and can weigh 82 tons. One unfinished statue, if it was completed, would have been approximately 69 feet tall with a weight of about 270 tons. Check Our Website : http://www.buzzwz.com/ http://ift.tt/2k4w7ht Our facebook page And Twitter : ☞Facebook: http://ift.tt/2jcPVAL ☞Twitter: https://twitter.com/watchzozoo You can Download our app and stay updated with new subjects : https://goo.gl/3hW6vC Check this Subjects may you like it : Farmer Knocks Over A Rock And Discovers A Secret That Had Been Buried For 5000 Years https://youtu.be/yQx5q6ykD1Q Terribly neglected girl rescued — and embraced by loving new family https://youtu.be/93JU8hwuzLM watch 10 Extinct Dog Breeds So Strange That We Wish They Still Existed https://youtu.be/M0Gl4-fVCr0 Most People Have NEVER Seen A Cat Like This, It Has Massive Paws That Act Like Snowshoes https://youtu.be/YoVCZ2jujWE They Drained This Canal For The First Time In Decades, And What They Discovered Is Truly Bizarre https://youtu.be/74MNLCJ6m3g Farmers Discover Snake That’s Been Killing Livestock Was Hiding A Secret https://youtu.be/UxI_Z3mGQZU When They Found This Castle It Was In Ruins, But Now It’s Like A Dream Come True https://youtu.be/QXktbTnULfY Have A GOOD DAY

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