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Monday, January 23, 2012

Voodoo and Tattoos

The tattoos look really creepy voodoo dolls. Those who sympathize with these doll know that there are a couple original idea a tattoo.

Voodoo dolls are one element used in the Voodoo religion, which is a variant of a theistic animism where magic plays an important role. While religion is a taboo in many places is one of the oldest in the world.

Broadly speaking in voodoo is considered that there is a supernatural entity but that is not accessible to humans. Communication with the supernatural ruler of the world must be made through supernatural entities whose role is to mediate and bring messages to the upper body.

The designs of voodoo dolls look so tender and yet scary. The voodoo doll is very popular today not only in those who follow the religion as it is said to have great power to harm a person, the so-called black magic.

This is a rag doll to stick pins that damage is not looking to come soon. Some people would be encouraged for any reason to even think about it and curious people do not notice the consequences. Beliefs is a very personal issue, if the devil gets his tail or not each suggestion.

The Voodoo doll tattoo is done in dark tones. Her eyes and her mouth cooked buttons next to his battered body make it look impressive.

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