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Monday, January 23, 2012



Friendship tattoos are replacing the traditional medals formerly shared among friends, as well as alliance tattoos are becoming more common to replace the wedding rings.

Undoubtedly, the tattoo is imposed strongly among the new generation and begin to think of these designs to increasingly early ages.

It is said that true friends are for life and that is why many people choose to share a design that one and express your love.

Although we never know what lies ahead if we are already many years next to a good friend, you may want to feel united by a symbol like this. As tattoos of friendship symbols are often used as the hippocampus or animals or dolphins.

The designs are tattoos of friendship, when joined with the other person, are completed. In general, half design each tattoo to represent that they are a part of the relationship and together form a whole. Others, however, choose to make an identical design that does not lose sense if cutting the friendship with the other. But although the drawing expresses something in itself, if you break the friendship, it is likely that the tattoo no longer represent anything that is a painful memory.

The tattoo can be shared between two people or a group, even can choose a word or symbol that represents itself to those particular people.

The friendship tattoos are a good way to make a relationship. Although many use them as a symbol of a friendship that is starting, it should be done with someone with whom we share a story to avoid having to delete it in case things are not as we expected.

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