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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Zealand auction a tattoo on her butt out of the crisis


Tina Beznec is New Zealand, has 23 years, likes tattoos and is (who does not) in crisis. No identity crisis (not to know, go), but in economic crisis. Money is wrong and thought ... why not my ass on the Internet offer for people to advertise?

Yes, kids, Tina is going to be walking in a marquee with a detail worth noting: it offers our friend, Lower Hutt woman you see in the image, her ass ... her ass ... your butt ... its where the back loses the chaste name to anyone, payment, place your slogan here. "Your tattoo on my Bum", is called the story (I refrain from translating it, but I suggest you do them in Google Translate and the altavocillos pulséis to listen, which is grace).

So far things are going well for Tina, but if you want to announce you still have time alone. His offer, which at this time more than 7660 euros (then I have to do the type that has opted for Internet paying them, but that's another topic), expires on Friday 20 ... although it has been around the world.

Now, at this point, I want you to consider several things if you decide to pay more than those 7660 euros:

1. The announcement you are putting your ass in the world (I say this because it is New Zealand not get me wrong).

2. Do not know much about the habits of Tina, but keep in mind that his butt is probably not a big crowd (at least on weekdays).

3. If you are short of ideas, she suggests that you put a design like to share with the rest of the world, an ad for your business or ... a marriage proposal! That would be the brave, eh? Turn off the lights in the room, turn on some candles, cover the eyes of your girlfriend, tell her I have something to ask and when to have reopened the rear front of Miss Beznec with the message: "Will you marry me?". If someone does, I swear I do another post just to tell the tale.

So far my warnings, now is the time for you to meet the requirements put Tina, that something is the support of tattoo:

1. 20% of the profits donated to charity (which also want to see, as the guy who paid the 7,000-odd euros) and the rest I will it. "I deserve, I was fired twice last year," he says.

2. The tattoo will measure 9 inches high by 9 inches wide (more or less what you see in the image on the right, as an example).

3. You can only choose one buttock, is not worth being cursed and say what you want right in the middle, to catch on one side or the other.

Advantages? Well, depending on how you see it, if you pay the big bucks and 4 February, the day which will make the tattoo, you are in the area, you can go to see how they do. Plus, you'll forever remember that money well spent, because she agrees to give the picture of the tattoo in a frame.

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