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Monday, January 23, 2012

Kanji Tattoos: JAPAN

Kanji tattoos are very popular for being an exotic and eye-catching design, but often do not understand the true meaning of becoming a tattoo of this type.

Kanji are the Chinese ideographic characters are commonly used in one of the three Japanese writing systems.

The form of construction of words and concepts is very different from the one we know, as expressed not only a Kanji character or letter, but each Kanji shows a concept, an idea or an object in itself.

Kanji designs can be very different, according to what you want to express. But whatever the word, always look very colorful and attractive. Small designs can be made on the wrists, hands or neck, or write more than one word over the back or arm. It all depends on individual taste.

Before performing a Kanji tattoo, you should have a minimum knowledge of Japanese and what does the word or group of words that we translate into our skin. These tattoos, besides being beautiful, have a deep meaning that is good to know. A Kanji tattoo should not just because it looks cute.

The Kanji tattoos continue to grow in popularity because it is a novel form of expression for Westerners but also by the many possibilities of expressing our ideas that these characters have to offer.

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