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Monday, January 23, 2012

Health Risks of Tattoos and Piercings


Tattoos and piercings look on the body is one of the latest fashion easements imposed, especially among the young.

The fact follow the fashion, in any case has to forget the necessary sanitary measures to ensure physical health.

To assess the risks arising from the implementation of piercings and tattoos and to contribute to better information and carrying out these practices, the European Commission has conducted a study that indicated the possibility of infection, hepatitis or AIDS if used unsterilized syringes.

Without wishing to generate undue alarm, yes it is important to highlight some of the findings of the Commission:

.- In the case of use of syringes has to proceed as rigorously as possible in their sterilization and asepsis of all those involved in the process concerned.

.- There is a loophole in the use of pigments and dyes in the tattoo process. Many of them turn out to be industrial pigments have not passed the approval for cosmetic use, so their reaction is not known exactly final.

.- The Commission itself invites all member states to take steps to strengthen controls, raise public awareness of potential risks and generate a list of prohibited products, and implement specific standards of conduct of tattoos or piercings some risk people such as children, pregnant women and people with chronic heart or lung disease.

On the other hand, the experts who prepared the report highlights a number of measures that we should all contemplate. Thus:

Hygiene .- Make a preview of the area to be treated not only with soap and water, but with a more active antiseptic.

.- Try not to have any illness or infection at the time of tattooing or performing pearcing. This would imply that the person concerned is a weakened immune system, so that the intervention would be of greatest danger.

.- The piercings should be gold and silver, its asepsis is more affective.

.- The needles must be disposable and be sterile at all times.

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