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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eva Longoria delete a neck tattoo in honor of Tony Parker


When you decide to get a tattoo, you should be very clear, because then you can go repent for a pretty penny. Even if we talk about celebrities, money is no obstacle.

Therefore, the actress Eva Longoria, wanted to erase the last detail between him and Tony Parker: a tattoo on her neck.

The woman who gives birth to Gabrielle Solis, supposedly the less desperate the well-known series 'Desperate Housewives' is coming to fame via the outrage that every one of his speeches provoked.

The tattoo represents the number of Parker in the division of the San Antonio Spurs and according to the website TMZ, Eva Longoria visited a specialist to undergo a laser procedure and leave your skin free of the mark of her husband.

Eduardo Cruz accompanied his girlfriend to the company of an expert by the name of Dr. Tattoff, who have attended various celebrities.

Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz maintains a romance for a little over a year. The Mexican-born actress told various media that his divorce from NBA star was a very difficult process and it cost him to overcome.

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