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Monday, January 23, 2012

Are you in favor of tatoos or against them?


Tattoos have often been associated with the negative, the bad or the dark, we can not know the real reason for this but if we find that the historical record is not an impression of today.

The Roman emperor Constantine, nothing more and nothing less than the first Christian emperor, was the first to ban this art.

Ten thousand years before Christ, Japanese tattoos, such as tattoos of Japanese letters were regarded as an exclusive practice of the prisoners, criminals and dangerous men.

In the twentieth century, tattoos also began its rise as a strange habit of prisoners, bikers and people in the environment of heavy metal who also are associated with malignant predilection and even demonic.

Perhaps the real reason has to do with how to make these drawings on the skin, where much has to do the blood and the pain it produces, especially in ancient times where there were no sophisticated equipment of today and tattoos insumían much more time and pain.

Although it seems that slowly starts to get all this in the past, and today all kinds of people want tattoos, many of them sympathetic, romantic or until tender.

That's why we can not ascribe to evil or good reason tattoos, if not rather each can give the sense that you like.

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