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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The beautiful lotus flower tattoos

The lotus flower tattoos are known for their beauty, sensuality and delicacy and for this reason, they are widely used, especially by women.

The lotus flower is from Asia and grows in the swamps, its petals are large and usually pink, although some varieties are white or yellow, her perfume is exquisite and prized since antiquity.

This flower is highly valued by the mythology of many cultures in which usually has a vital role.

To the Egyptians, the lotus flower emerged the gods and the associated above all with Ra, the sun god, because it opens at dawn and closes at sundown.

The ancient Greek mythology, a goddess that was chased into the woods where he fell and sank into the swamp of failure, called lotus in his attempt to thousands of years to get out of there, but finally succeeded in flower, and is transformed so as for the ancient Greeks, this flower symbolized the struggle against failure.

In India this flower represents divinity, fertility and wealth and is represented by the goddess Maha Lakshmi provides wealth, besides is now considered the national symbol.

Nothing like flowers to celebrate and to compare female beauty, delicate, colorful and inviting.

Flower tattoos usually have the intention of beautifying the body, more than any other and would be very strange to find another explanation for this type of choice for a tattoo.

tatuajes flores

In the picture we see a beautiful flower tattoo consisting of a branch of cherry blossoms, Chinese theme that harkens back to the ancient art of Chinese ink and its expressions in paintings, screens, porcelain, kimonos, ceramics, textiles and all artistic expression or traditional china.

Chinese traditional tattoos very often include the cherry blossoms and peaches, as well as all kinds of flowers, vines, branches and trees, and that expressions of nature are a central theme in his tattoos.

A tattoo of flowers well defined and delicate or bold colors can be much more sensual than any article of clothing, makeup or attitude.

If you want to conquer your way, including a tattoo of flowers in your arsenal of resources and then tell us sexy results, you will not be disappointed ...

Finding the right flower for you is not big problem, you can choose your favorite flower, one that looks your favorite color, or a catalog of flowers, where the original, a tattoo artist can realize yourself a unique design.

A tip: if you have blue eyes and your tattoo is on the front of the body, the flower matches the color of your eyes, you multiply the beauty of these and highlight the natural power of attraction.

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