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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tattoos: Gothic alphabet

Gothic lettering tattoos are chosen. Given the orders we have received particular names, then we provide the Gothic alphabet in its entirety. Here are the Gothic type letters in uppercase, lowercase and numbers.

Gothic lettering designs are chosen by men and women around the world to decorate your body. Every day, you want more followers historical letters.

If you have decided that you want your name or a phrase written with these letters, it is not only combines the characters you see here to get an idea of how it would work completed.

The gothic letter tattoos look especially when they are made ​​large, in places like the back or arms. They are generally done in black, but that is up to the customer.

Although this type of letter is closely related to Goth culture, today you could say that this type of script does not identify with anyone in particular. Just enough that you like the letters to decide whether they will or not the protagonists of your tattoo.

To see an example in the picture below we see the Christian name made ​​with this technique. This Gothic letter tattoo is placed on the outside of the leg at the calf. To complete the picture were added a few stars that give you more joy, also shadows that each letter will give a special touch.

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