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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tattoos and Names


Tattoos are of special significance for those who use them. The names are no exception, and today many women wear even the names of his children tattooed on his body, as a way to remember every day.

The names can be complete or in fragments, in Latin alphabet or other language and alphabet. You can even use symbols and numbers, so that tattoo is a mystery to others, and only those who are involved in, know that it is.

I think the best tattoos are those that nobody can understand, because it is so boring that someone easily read what is marked on your body. Even, I think bear a mark and thought you made ​​for yourself, is more valuable to keep a commonplace name, which may be repeated up.

The tattoos of names can be in color, like the figures. For now, henna tattoos have gained considerable ground because it lasts about 15 days and then erased, leaving open the possibility of another or delete it entirely if you get tired and take over.

I think the alternative of henna is the best of all, so one is being renewed and may look different tattoo each summer, which I think is more entertaining than ever to carry the same brands. Moreover, as I said before, the names do not convince me, and to look for a change, a sound, an identification mark.

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