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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Henna and The Arabs Tattoos

Henna tattoos made with needles not needed (you can find it in any tattoo shops), does not penetrate the epidermis, and therefore are not dangerous, are temporary and completely painless.

The designs in the skin lasts 2 or 3 weeks, depending on contact with water, which soap you use, your skin type and where did you get the design area. Today, increasingly, use this art, and that are currently fashionable tattoos.

There are many who dare not be a permanent tattoo, if then regrets or fear of needles or they can not stand the pain, so this is the right kind of tattoo to be temporary.

The initial tattoo phrases or Arabic or other languages ​​are becoming more frequent. In general, the more exotic than the alphabet employed more attention and we were highlighted in the design although it is not understood.

The Chinese characters, Japanese and Arabs have gained a remarkable popularity in recent times and are the most choice when it comes to tattoo a famous phrase or a key message of love.

For those who choose a tattoo in Arabic, the meaning is only part of the drawing. Surely the choice of the word is important, but the aesthetics of the lyrics is what is really valued. For what this writing there is hardly understood by other people but if I could see at a glance.

Among those who choose Arabic letters, very beauty and harmony, the most popular designs are the names of family members or spouse, and even some proverbs. Some people use them as religious symbols while others only turn to them for their originality and visual impact.

When looking at a design written in Arabic (if you know its meaning) may think that it is a tribal design and not a word in another alphabet, for this reason, the writings in this language are used in combination with other patterns of these returning to the tattoo features a very complete work of art and visually pleasing.

The tone chosen for these tattoos are usually black or other dark. The designs of Arabic letters are usually sober and free of color mixing.

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