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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do you like tattoos Lions?


Lion tattoos are usually highly sought after by men, since this animal represents one hundred percent masculinity, as well as strength, courage and beauty.

We all know that the lion is considered the king of the jungle, perhaps because of its majestic mane and their ferocity, or its imposing looks great left dazzled who is lucky enough to see this wonderful animal.

We find that the lion appears in many cultures as a symbol of divine protection surveillance and represents one of the four corners of creation. It is considered a solar animal, perhaps the color of their fur or because the hair around your head. It is also the lion who embodies the sign of Leo.

To the Egyptians the sun rising behind the lion is a symbol of power and governance, as well as the two lions supported by their backs meant the rising and setting sun. In China, the lion like the dragon is a symbol of evil spirits repeller

When looking for tattoos of lions can find a great variety of designs, we see that this may appear roaring, the whole body or just its imposing head, also found in tribal, while not carry color, in black are very showy.

If your choice is getting a tattoo of lion, bear in mind that you not only look good, but it will make you feel like a king.

The tattoos of lions are characterized by their strength and beauty, besides the strong presence behind this ferocious beast in most people.

For some reason has always valued the lion by enzyme other carnivorous animals and large predators, respect and admiration it inspires powerful image of it, is something that has always characterized.

There are many cultures that make reference to the lion in its myths and legends, as well as in their religion, for many the lion is associated with the sun and male power, probably by her hair and her yellow hair.

In Japan and China is regarded as evil spirits repeller so many temples have statues of lions at its entrance.

In Egypt was considered a figure of great importance and its astrological constellation appears with his name, statues also were used to represent many of their temples.

In many different mythologies, is related to the lions, with the value, power, strength, wisdom and masculinity, so many kings and emperors wore ornaments or decorations that included drawings of lions.

You can find many styles of lions, some with a very detailed and as faithful as possible to its real image and others with an image of myth or legend that can show up even with wings, which engrandese even more powerful presence of the king of the animals.

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