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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Do you like Aztec Tattoos?


Aztec tattoos are very popular among Mexicans and their culture descended from the Mexica (Aztecs), whose great empire reached its peak in the fourteenth century in Mesoamerica.

But in recent years these original designs have succeeded in drawing the attention of many people in different parts of the world.

Aztec tattoos are mostly inspired by the sculptures and paintings of the Mexica, who liked to represent religious themes or nature, and in the largest sculptures they used to capture the image of kings or gods.
In the case of the paintings were used for the decoration of buildings, with many colors that are associated with the landscape of the place of origin and symbolic representations, particularly religious.

Often tattoos are mistaken for Maya, but they have designs and features usually appear diferentes.Las skulls in many of the Aztec tattoos, as well as some sacred animals like the jaguar, but the most used and is elected by all the famous calendar Aztec is notable for its complexity and beauty.

For many these tattoos represent a sense of pratriotismo in a world already very globalized in itself, to defend the estate is something that we can be identified and plotted on a tattoo of these characteristics is a form of expression worthy of imitation.

Whether for this reason or simply aesthetic sense, if Aztec tattoos are your choice, you have hundreds of designs to choose from, so do not waste your time and do not stay disappointed.

Tattoos Aztec Tattoos are widely used these days. Some bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers Aztecs used tattooing.


Most of the Aztec tattoos are black and white, but we can also find some in color.

This photo is a tattoo of an Aztec sun, as I was saying is a tattoo sober tones of gray. The sun in the Aztec culture was a very important symbol and strong without doubt one of the important in their culture.

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