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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Heart tattoo

Hearts tattoos are tattoos with roses, the main symbols of love and passion, so it was expected that this type of tattoos love tattoos were the most viewed and thousands of variations and styles to gain and maintain originality.

Hearts tattoos are usually done in styles such as cartoon tattoos or tribal tattoos, since the idea is to express more feelings besides love, since tattoos are permanent.

That's exactly what can hurt many people with tattoos of hearts, which often add names to the designs, and forget that while tattoos are permanent, sometimes the feelings are not.

These tattoos were often seen more in women than in men, because women tend to express their feelings in a much more open to the world.

Awesome Dragon Tattoo

Tattoos: Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew is a Semitic language spoken Afroasiatic family of five million people in Israel (95%) and two or three million Jewish communities spread throughout the world, giving a total of eight million people.

In Israel, along with Arabic, one of the country's two official languages ​​and is spoken by the majority of its population. The Hebrew stopped talking about the first century BC C., although it was used in the literature and, above all, in the liturgy and academic purposes. In Palestine as a spoken language was replaced mainly by Aramaic.

As for the Jewish diaspora, their common languages ​​have historically been mainly two: the Yiddish among Ashkenazi Jews called (central and eastern Europe) and Ladino, or Judeo-Spanish Sephardic between so-called (Mediterranean). The Hebrew as a spoken language was recovered by Zionism in the late nineteenth century through the work of, among others, Eliezer Ben Yehuda, to serve as a national language of the future Jewish state.

The Hebrew language is written from right to left with an alphabet of twenty letters. Originally denoted only consonants, but w, YYH have also been used to represent certain long vowels and word-final vowels (w = / u / y = / i / h = / a /, / o / and / e /; wyy were used later to / o / and / e /, respectively) until at least the tenth century a. C. ywyy inside word until the ninth century. These consonants to denote vowel written aids are also used in other Semitic languages, and is called matres lectionis.

In texts from Qumran and later writings, letters are used more profusely to represent vowels. The complete representation of vowels, consonants by adding points, was developed much later, between the V and X century AD C. The current system of vocal play, then the current pronunciation of a thousand years after the end of the biblical period, although no doubt is based on the early traditions of reading the Bible.

Tattoo Oriental

Tattoos: Philippine Ancestral Calligraphy

Centuries after being nearly eradicated by the Spanish colonizers, Philippine revives ancient calligraphy tattooed on the skin of young people who claim the writing of his ancestors as patriotic symbol of their tribal roots.

Tattoos have become the ideal medium to preserve the original alphabet or alibata Baybayin, which was used on the island of Luzon more than 300 years before any European had reached the archipelago.

Given the unwillingness of academics and institutions, this script comes to life in pre-Hispanic Philippines through the modern chisel tattoo teachers, proud of being "saviors" from the cultural legacy of their ancestors.

"I can not help but feel something special when a client asks me a picture of Baybayin" says Joe Saliendra, who owns a tattoo parlor in Manila specializing in tribal designs.


Tattoos: Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet down (it's actually a sophisticated adaptation) of the writing system used by the Phoenicians, who in his time were a maritime and economic power without rival in the Mediterranean Sea.

The new Greek alphabet gave rise in turn to Cyrillic, Gothic, Coptic and Latin, and was the most sophisticated writing system used by mankind in his time. The inclusion of vowels, consonants also made him a phonetic alphabet with a base, home base of all the alphabets of today in the western world.

Tattoos: Gothic alphabet

Gothic lettering tattoos are chosen. Given the orders we have received particular names, then we provide the Gothic alphabet in its entirety. Here are the Gothic type letters in uppercase, lowercase and numbers.

Gothic lettering designs are chosen by men and women around the world to decorate your body. Every day, you want more followers historical letters.

If you have decided that you want your name or a phrase written with these letters, it is not only combines the characters you see here to get an idea of how it would work completed.

The gothic letter tattoos look especially when they are made ​​large, in places like the back or arms. They are generally done in black, but that is up to the customer.

Although this type of letter is closely related to Goth culture, today you could say that this type of script does not identify with anyone in particular. Just enough that you like the letters to decide whether they will or not the protagonists of your tattoo.

To see an example in the picture below we see the Christian name made ​​with this technique. This Gothic letter tattoo is placed on the outside of the leg at the calf. To complete the picture were added a few stars that give you more joy, also shadows that each letter will give a special touch.

Tattoos and Names


Tattoos are of special significance for those who use them. The names are no exception, and today many women wear even the names of his children tattooed on his body, as a way to remember every day.

The names can be complete or in fragments, in Latin alphabet or other language and alphabet. You can even use symbols and numbers, so that tattoo is a mystery to others, and only those who are involved in, know that it is.

I think the best tattoos are those that nobody can understand, because it is so boring that someone easily read what is marked on your body. Even, I think bear a mark and thought you made ​​for yourself, is more valuable to keep a commonplace name, which may be repeated up.

The tattoos of names can be in color, like the figures. For now, henna tattoos have gained considerable ground because it lasts about 15 days and then erased, leaving open the possibility of another or delete it entirely if you get tired and take over.

I think the alternative of henna is the best of all, so one is being renewed and may look different tattoo each summer, which I think is more entertaining than ever to carry the same brands. Moreover, as I said before, the names do not convince me, and to look for a change, a sound, an identification mark.

Do you like Butterfly Tattoos?


Tattoos are a way to externalize feelings. What clearly differentiates them from other artistic forms of expression is that instead of translating feelings into a box and then hang on the wall or on paper and then burn and seal so a cycle is chosen and keep them in mind for ever the skin.

There are certain reasons for their significance related to special occasions. Hearts, for example, are a clear synonym for love.

It is used by both men and women to immortalize her passion for something such as animals, people and parents and institutions that shaped his life as a college logo or favorite football club.

Butterflies have many possible meanings, so they are one of the most popular designs worldwide. They are related to the change that occurs in the lives of women to cause the change from girl to woman as they represent the evolution of a silkworm ugly a beautiful and brilliant butterfly. Its wings are also synonymous with freedom.

In the sketches can be drawn in many ways, from tribal to exact replicas. Whatever the reason elected without doubt caused a great impact. When not performed as tribal, wings should be colorful and bright.

While Paripe tattoos could be called trite, each butterfly tattooed special meaning each granted.

Butterfly tattoos are common in women but also men look great if they are done in black, losing the typical ratio of the butterfly with feminine world.

The butterfly has been the subject of study and admiration since ancient times by having a very special form of development. It is an insect that symbolizes eternal life and rebirth. For many it is a metaphor of human life, and particularly the way in which man passes from the earthly plane to the divine.

The way it develops is what catches the attention of many people and so decided to have these designs of butterflies. This insect begins as a caterpillar built a cocoon and Tas and stay in during the period of development, the new born butterfly.

Tribal butterfly can be a drawing with a deep meaning but in a classic and sober tone, so it is frequently chosen by men who want to represent these symbols related to the colorful insect. Undoubtedly tribal butterflies have a special charm and look very beautiful, the lack of color can not take away the natural charm.

These tattoos of butterflies can be made in any size and fit nicely into any body part, and they do not lose the grace and originality to be expanded, but much more often shine in medium or small.

Do you like tattoos of Moons?

Moons tattoos are generally worn by women and their image is mostly associated with femininity, the designs tend to be delicate, and a background related to the magic, mystique and mystery.

For many people the moon represents the feminine power as the antithesis of male representation of the sun, others relate more to the night, the joy and festivities.

In the Tarot, the Moon represents hidden enemies and has more to do with the dangers that beset us and we can not perceive.

In all cultures and mythologies that exist throughout the history of mankind has always been given to this star, a star of many able and deserves a great devotion.

In Roman mythology the Moon is the queen of heaven who had a temple on the Aventine Hill and whose legend was later inherited by Diana.

In Celtic mythology the moon goddess was associated with Cerridwen representing the force of nature, wisdom and fertility.

Moons tattoos often accompanied by or associated with other patterns, such as fairies, goblins, suns or stars, which looks good and gives the most complex design and beauty.
If you are considering getting a tattoo of moons from here we can recommend, do not hesitate because tattoos are among the most beautiful and best are left everyone, especially women.

The sun and moon have always had a great importance in the lives of the men who have become protagonists in myths and legends from the beginning of time.

In many religions the gods are represented, among others, by these two symbols signfiica although what each of them varies greatly according to culture.

For some, the sun is the symbol of masculinity and represents the god shows us all that we associate with men. It is a symbol of strength, energy, activity and movement. It gives life, which allows the life cycle continues.

In its counterpart is the moon goddess, her features are passivity, fertility and reincarnation. Others also relates to the world of fantasy and magic.

The sun and moon are opposed and are interdependent because they would not exist without each other. Although it is common that they are considered as man and wife, for some people they are both female. Celtic For many streams, for example, the sun is the sister of the moon.

The tattoos that combine moons and suns are quite popular as well as what are these two separately. In general when they are drawn together to build upon the shape of the moon in the middle to insert the picture of the sun, but there are thousands of variations to this design.

Undoubtedly, the tattoos of the sun and the moon are very cute and can be combined with a variety of items. They are a classic for those who want to start in the world of tattoos and do not quite know whether to risk a great design or not. Whatever you want to give signficado, these tattoos will always be a good choice to permanencera force over time.

Do you like tattoos Lions?


Lion tattoos are usually highly sought after by men, since this animal represents one hundred percent masculinity, as well as strength, courage and beauty.

We all know that the lion is considered the king of the jungle, perhaps because of its majestic mane and their ferocity, or its imposing looks great left dazzled who is lucky enough to see this wonderful animal.

We find that the lion appears in many cultures as a symbol of divine protection surveillance and represents one of the four corners of creation. It is considered a solar animal, perhaps the color of their fur or because the hair around your head. It is also the lion who embodies the sign of Leo.

To the Egyptians the sun rising behind the lion is a symbol of power and governance, as well as the two lions supported by their backs meant the rising and setting sun. In China, the lion like the dragon is a symbol of evil spirits repeller

When looking for tattoos of lions can find a great variety of designs, we see that this may appear roaring, the whole body or just its imposing head, also found in tribal, while not carry color, in black are very showy.

If your choice is getting a tattoo of lion, bear in mind that you not only look good, but it will make you feel like a king.

The tattoos of lions are characterized by their strength and beauty, besides the strong presence behind this ferocious beast in most people.

For some reason has always valued the lion by enzyme other carnivorous animals and large predators, respect and admiration it inspires powerful image of it, is something that has always characterized.

There are many cultures that make reference to the lion in its myths and legends, as well as in their religion, for many the lion is associated with the sun and male power, probably by her hair and her yellow hair.

In Japan and China is regarded as evil spirits repeller so many temples have statues of lions at its entrance.

In Egypt was considered a figure of great importance and its astrological constellation appears with his name, statues also were used to represent many of their temples.

In many different mythologies, is related to the lions, with the value, power, strength, wisdom and masculinity, so many kings and emperors wore ornaments or decorations that included drawings of lions.

You can find many styles of lions, some with a very detailed and as faithful as possible to its real image and others with an image of myth or legend that can show up even with wings, which engrandese even more powerful presence of the king of the animals.

The beautiful lotus flower tattoos

The lotus flower tattoos are known for their beauty, sensuality and delicacy and for this reason, they are widely used, especially by women.

The lotus flower is from Asia and grows in the swamps, its petals are large and usually pink, although some varieties are white or yellow, her perfume is exquisite and prized since antiquity.

This flower is highly valued by the mythology of many cultures in which usually has a vital role.

To the Egyptians, the lotus flower emerged the gods and the associated above all with Ra, the sun god, because it opens at dawn and closes at sundown.

The ancient Greek mythology, a goddess that was chased into the woods where he fell and sank into the swamp of failure, called lotus in his attempt to thousands of years to get out of there, but finally succeeded in flower, and is transformed so as for the ancient Greeks, this flower symbolized the struggle against failure.

In India this flower represents divinity, fertility and wealth and is represented by the goddess Maha Lakshmi provides wealth, besides is now considered the national symbol.

Nothing like flowers to celebrate and to compare female beauty, delicate, colorful and inviting.

Flower tattoos usually have the intention of beautifying the body, more than any other and would be very strange to find another explanation for this type of choice for a tattoo.

tatuajes flores

In the picture we see a beautiful flower tattoo consisting of a branch of cherry blossoms, Chinese theme that harkens back to the ancient art of Chinese ink and its expressions in paintings, screens, porcelain, kimonos, ceramics, textiles and all artistic expression or traditional china.

Chinese traditional tattoos very often include the cherry blossoms and peaches, as well as all kinds of flowers, vines, branches and trees, and that expressions of nature are a central theme in his tattoos.

A tattoo of flowers well defined and delicate or bold colors can be much more sensual than any article of clothing, makeup or attitude.

If you want to conquer your way, including a tattoo of flowers in your arsenal of resources and then tell us sexy results, you will not be disappointed ...

Finding the right flower for you is not big problem, you can choose your favorite flower, one that looks your favorite color, or a catalog of flowers, where the original, a tattoo artist can realize yourself a unique design.

A tip: if you have blue eyes and your tattoo is on the front of the body, the flower matches the color of your eyes, you multiply the beauty of these and highlight the natural power of attraction.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Awesome tattoo of sweet revenge


A tattoo artist named Ryan Fitzgerald, would have applied a "sweet revenge" against his girlfriend, Rossie Brovent after discovering that he was unfaithful with an old friend.

Using their knowledge, when she asked him tattooed on his back a scene from the Narnia films, Fitzgerald took the opportunity to leave a 'souvenir' permanent say much about how he had taken his girl cheating. Instead of the passage of Narnia, which was recorded the monumental image of a stool.

According to U.S. media, before Ryan made ​​his then girlfriend sign a clause in accepting that the tattoo design would be "at the discretion of the artist."

"He tricked me asking me to sign after he drank a bottle of cheap wine and a few shots of tequila," said the girl from Ohio, who is now furious and sued her ex-boyfriend for $ 100,000, alleging damages.

However, there are doubts about the authenticity of this story has already been around the world, as the Daily Mail, in the courts of Dayton, Ohio, there is no record of a claim for the amount mentioned among those involved.

The source which would have led to this story is a portal called VeryWeirdNews, citing a Brovent without further explanation, as places and dates.

The same Daily Mail said it appeared the photograph appeared in a number of blogs in 2009, although there is no link to prove it, so it is now a mystery with many unknowns.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Do you like Aztec Tattoos?


Aztec tattoos are very popular among Mexicans and their culture descended from the Mexica (Aztecs), whose great empire reached its peak in the fourteenth century in Mesoamerica.

But in recent years these original designs have succeeded in drawing the attention of many people in different parts of the world.

Aztec tattoos are mostly inspired by the sculptures and paintings of the Mexica, who liked to represent religious themes or nature, and in the largest sculptures they used to capture the image of kings or gods.
In the case of the paintings were used for the decoration of buildings, with many colors that are associated with the landscape of the place of origin and symbolic representations, particularly religious.

Often tattoos are mistaken for Maya, but they have designs and features usually appear diferentes.Las skulls in many of the Aztec tattoos, as well as some sacred animals like the jaguar, but the most used and is elected by all the famous calendar Aztec is notable for its complexity and beauty.

For many these tattoos represent a sense of pratriotismo in a world already very globalized in itself, to defend the estate is something that we can be identified and plotted on a tattoo of these characteristics is a form of expression worthy of imitation.

Whether for this reason or simply aesthetic sense, if Aztec tattoos are your choice, you have hundreds of designs to choose from, so do not waste your time and do not stay disappointed.

Tattoos Aztec Tattoos are widely used these days. Some bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers Aztecs used tattooing.


Most of the Aztec tattoos are black and white, but we can also find some in color.

This photo is a tattoo of an Aztec sun, as I was saying is a tattoo sober tones of gray. The sun in the Aztec culture was a very important symbol and strong without doubt one of the important in their culture.

Henna and The Arabs Tattoos

Henna tattoos made with needles not needed (you can find it in any tattoo shops), does not penetrate the epidermis, and therefore are not dangerous, are temporary and completely painless.

The designs in the skin lasts 2 or 3 weeks, depending on contact with water, which soap you use, your skin type and where did you get the design area. Today, increasingly, use this art, and that are currently fashionable tattoos.

There are many who dare not be a permanent tattoo, if then regrets or fear of needles or they can not stand the pain, so this is the right kind of tattoo to be temporary.

The initial tattoo phrases or Arabic or other languages ​​are becoming more frequent. In general, the more exotic than the alphabet employed more attention and we were highlighted in the design although it is not understood.

The Chinese characters, Japanese and Arabs have gained a remarkable popularity in recent times and are the most choice when it comes to tattoo a famous phrase or a key message of love.

For those who choose a tattoo in Arabic, the meaning is only part of the drawing. Surely the choice of the word is important, but the aesthetics of the lyrics is what is really valued. For what this writing there is hardly understood by other people but if I could see at a glance.

Among those who choose Arabic letters, very beauty and harmony, the most popular designs are the names of family members or spouse, and even some proverbs. Some people use them as religious symbols while others only turn to them for their originality and visual impact.

When looking at a design written in Arabic (if you know its meaning) may think that it is a tribal design and not a word in another alphabet, for this reason, the writings in this language are used in combination with other patterns of these returning to the tattoo features a very complete work of art and visually pleasing.

The tone chosen for these tattoos are usually black or other dark. The designs of Arabic letters are usually sober and free of color mixing.

Do you like Tattoos of Hearts?


The tattoos of hearts, they are usually very personal for people who elect them, because they often have a highly charged especially if they include the name of the beloved.

These tattoos are often associated in their designs to other designs that give it more presence and depth, some of these may be: the bones, wings, vines, arrows and other tattoos.


The tattoos of hearts with names are special because they are dedicated to one person you love and why we have a feeling that we would never end, for this reason, this tattoo can mean the most important way to express what we feel, well as intensity, commitment and unconditional nature of our love for her.

However, many times the tattoo can not be dedicated to a person, but rather a passion for sports, such as a football club or any other sport, a profession that we love or to mark a car or motorcycle.

Heart tattoos are a classic design among women as it relates to the love and passion. May be present in thousands of different designs, all colors, sizes and even shapes.

The heart pattern is not usually know the real representation of the organ of the body, but that simulates the shape of two hearts together. Therefore it can be linked to love and is the symbol of love. But a heart tattoo does not always mean that love is part of our lives, are those who decide to innovate and a tattoo in another sense.

The tattoos of hearts if you will vary according to make sense of emotional or anatomical, its anatomy itself.

Tattoos of Barbed Wire

As has happened often in the history of the tattoo, barbed wire ("barbwire") is one of those tattoo designs that were originally own the prison environment, but over time have come to settle in popular culture.

In this case it is commonly accepted that it was members of the California Latino culture who first began to be used in the design of their tattoos.

Later the "barbed wire" is introduced in other styles of tattooing gradually, as in the tribal-inspired modern and aggressive as a cause of great impact.

The final leap to pop culture came from the hand of Pamela Anderson, who decorated her arm with a barbed wire armband for the movie "Barbwire" (based on the comic of the same name), Pamela decided to go well beyond its interpretation in the film decided to become a real tattoo, not a makeup effect, which has looked on his arm since.

An interesting progression, from the corridors of the prison to the stars of pop culture.

This motif is popular among men and women equally and usually appears as often bracelet but can be integrated into other shapes and designs.

The barbed wire was initially associated with life behind bars and deprivation of liberty (a pass mark for the prison), and contains references to the personal resilience to pain, deprivation (not just of freedom) and sacrifice personal (just as the thorns are used in Christian imagery as a symbol of Calvary of Christ).

Meaning of a tattoo of Wings

A design of a tattoo of wings, and most obvious meaning tells us to fly, or raise the flight.

But if we "give wings" to our imagination for a moment, if only as a romantic gesture, symbolizing that could escape the confines of our earthly existence, and unrestricted freedom of spirit.

The wings symbolize peace, love, and the link between earth and sky (between human and divine), a symbol of transcendence and liberation.

The wings are associated with a multitude of creatures such as dragons, griffins, winged horses, and the delicate world of fairies, butterflies and bees, which certainly gives a magical aura of its symbolism.

As a tattoo design of the wings is usually equipped with a meaning or inspiration for spiritual, winged angel as a symbol of guidance and protection, for example.

For those who dream of the skies like a bird, the symbol of the wings has a shade more related to the mechanical function of the wings of flying animals.

The desire to fly as can be to an airline pilot, or a person fond of "gliding." As a tattoo design, the wings may also reflect the power of the eagle, or the delicacy of the butterfly.

They also have a meaning of "mission accomplished" after passing tests or training in the Air Force as a pilot used his training exceeds the saying "earn their wings." All these interpretations are also the basis of many myths and legends around the world.

In alchemy and magic, wings are a symbol of transformation, allowing an individual access to a new state, previously unattainable. The presence of wings allows the combination of different elements, earth and sky, wind and fire.

The wings combined with a symbol of love, is one of the most popular tattoo motives. Heroic and spiritual, this combination is reminiscent of mystical and religious dating back thousands of us in the past.

For the Sufi mystics, the heart winged heart symbolizes the desire to reach heaven. The wings make the gravity of the earth in a "push" spiritual, toward higher spiritual states.

For artists, has always been one of the favorite metaphors, not only for the concept of "freedom" but also to the idea of ​​"protection" or "redemption".

In heraldry, the wings represent the courage or bravery in its highest representation, acts that challenge death, or acts of great honor. An angel with three pairs of wings represents the dignity, glory and honor.

In the ancient world, the wings represented the power and speed. Many statues and images of ancient civilizations represented animals such as lions or horses, wearing wings. The gods sometimes also had wings, symbolizing his power to fly through the air.

The Greek god Hermes, Mercury to the Romans, had some small wings on his ankles that allowed him to move with amazing speed, helping in its role as messenger of the gods. Through the centuries, many ancient symbols related to the wings were gradually incorporated into modern religions and cultures.

An excellent modern example of this is the emblem of the American brand Harley-Davidson, in which the wings symbolize the pride and independence (a feature much appreciated by lovers of motorcycles around the world).

This modern symbol has a great relationship with other symbols thousands of years away, like the ancient Babylonian sculptures and engravings showing winged animals.

Meaning of a tattoo of Gulls

It is impossible to find a spring, an ocean breeze, a coastline, or a sandy beach where you can not see seagulls.

The gulls make their home in the Arctic to the Antarctic, on every continent and ocean. In fact some even nesting gull species in lakes, inland. There are approximately 60 species of gull, although it is difficult to secure because of its tendency to interbreed and produce numerous hybrids between different species. Their size varies from 120 g to nearly two kilos, and their wingspan ranges from 60 cm to 172.

The albatross is often mistaken for a gull, but it's a completely different bird species, with 21 recognized species, and close relatives of the petrels.

What we like most of the gulls is quiet and peaceful nature, as well as gregarious attitude, which means that when they feel threatened by a predator, members of the colony of gulls join their forces to expel the intruder and defend . Gulls are able to work together on actions like this thanks to the colonial social structure is highly developed.

The most widespread species of gulls are incredibly full of resources, are inquisitive and intelligent. As a "spirit guide", the gull teaches us to emulate those qualities, and to "fly" in the fickle currents of our lives. Seeing as they take advantage of following the path of least resistance, its message to us seems to be, "go with the flow, do not oppose it."

Native Americans made the seagull as a symbol of the carefree attitude, versatile and a great spirit of freedom.

Among the keepers thought that the gull was the soul of a dead sailor, and for this reason they were never fired (remember the history of ancient sailor we talked about earlier). A seagull perched on fishing gear or on the side of the boat was considered an omen of good fishing day.

New Zealand Maori used the albatross wing bones to build their traditional tattoo tools. Samoa, Haiti, Hawaii, the Marquesas Islands and other Polynesian cultures, seabirds were important cultural symbols.

The Polynesians revere the ability of seabirds to navigate the open ocean, and used them as inspiration in their own epic journeys. Polynesian navigators used the stars, the forms of waves, ocean currents, water color and the presence of seabirds to determine its location along the travel hundreds or even thousands of miles of open sea.

"Makemake" the chief god of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), was worshiped in the form of a seabird. It was also frequently found in stone carvings in the shape of a man-headed gull. His image was also recorded in wood, was prominently displayed at festivals, including ceremonies where human sacrifices were made in his honor.

Seabirds were powerful animal totems, and there are numerous petroglyphs to be found in gulls and stylized "bird-men." The people of Easter Island believed that descendants of these birds, this formed the basis of a cult of birds.

In one of the rituals "bird men" were diving from one of the cliffs of the volcanic island, swimming in the sea 2 km to a lonely rock and return with the first egg deposited by migratory birds just returning.

Birds in general have been adopted by many cultures as a symbol of freedom, the soul, and transcendence. The spirit of his wings and rises above the everyday problems and constraints that prevail in the land. Birds like the gull and the albatross resonate with our own aspirations to become better beings, to mature and evolve into beings that are focused on the here and work.

Such is the journey of transformation from "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" in their efforts to fly higher and faster, John receives the wisdom teachings of the old man, who onducirán to compression of the mysteries of flight:

"... Is not flying a thousand miles an hour, not a million, or the speed of light. Because any number is already a limit and perfection has no limits. The perfect speed is being there."

A tattoo of a seagull can remind you that the destination of a trip is not more important than the experience of enjoying every moment of the journey itself.

In the Netherlands, the seagull, flying to freedom, is almost a national symbol.

The California gull is the official state bird of Utah in the United States. There is a monument dedicated to her in front of the Capitol building to Salt Lake City. The Seagull won the sympathy of the Mormons in 1840, when a plague of crickets began to destroy their crops. After praying to God for help came the gulls, which decimated the horde of crickets and saved the pioneers of a potential famine.

The music group 'The Seagulls' chose this bird as their totem deliberately in his own words: "We wanted to choose a common bird, one with which people could relate to really." Anyway, somebody got to beat them 'The Eagles' ("Eagles").

The Greek alphabet and Tattoos


The Greek alphabet down (it's actually a sophisticated adaptation) of the writing system used by the Phoenicians, who in his time were a maritime and economic power without rival in the Mediterranean Sea.

The new Greek alphabet gave rise in turn to Cyrillic, Gothic, Coptic and Latin, and was the most sophisticated writing system used by mankind in his time.

The inclusion of vowels, consonants also made him a phonetic alphabet with a base, home base of all the alphabets of today in the western world. We can not underestimate the power of writing, which can record and encode the history, language, laws, or the art of a culture.

The ability to store all this knowledge to students of later generations gave cultures with a flexible alphabet an advantage over other writing system with a poor or nonexistent.

Knowledge no longer depend solely on the spoken word and oral tradition, transmitted from generation to generation laboriously, sometimes inaccurately, and likely to be completely lost in a generation due to an epidemic.

There are strong parallels here with traditional art forms, such as tattooing, and other artistic and cultural practices developed by many indigenous cultures around the world.

In those cultures where traditions and techniques passed down orally rather than in written form, the entire cultural heritage of a people could get lost in a single generation. Libraries, monasteries and other places where text is stored rolls meticulously copied by hand became famous for its treasures of knowledge, perhaps the most famous example is the "Great Library of Alexandria" is considered one of the 7 wonders of antiquity.

The invention of printing, is considered by many the greatest advance of mankind in the last 2000 years. At the same level as the wheel or fire.

The Greek alphabet emerged around the same time they were held

first Olympic Games of antiquity, about 700 BC. The Greek alphabet from other alphabets distinguished past as the first writing system a symbol to represent each sound, including vowels with consonants.

Also had upper and lower case characters, lower case letters are used more frequently. Originally the Greek alphabet written from right to left, later writing direction was reversed and has remained so to this day.

There were two variants of the Greek alphabet, a later gave rise to the Latin alphabet, while the other became the current Greek. Through the centuries, the Greek alphabet was used by scholars, mathematicians, scientists and astronomers, who used certain letters of the alphabet as symbols in their research.

Physicists use (lambda) for example with the meaning of "wavelength" as the letter (omega) represents Ohm, a measure of electrical resistance. Computer users are familiar with the symbol s (sigma) shown in the bar of Microsoft Excel, which represents the operation of "sum".

These letters used as symbols over time became part of the general lexicon. Everybody know, for example, that p (pi) represents the relationship between the radius of a circle to its circumference, with a decimal value of approximately 3.1416.

In the late eighteenth century, college students were among their subjects of study the classics, and were familiar with Greek and Latin, a classical education in a career in the humanities including literary study Greek and Latin classics, in their language original.

A man studied (less often a woman, who had less access to higher education generally) could have conversed with Homer in ancient Greek. In this way, students influenced by romanticism and classical poetry took some Greek letters to identify their secret societies, universities and colleges.

The Greek alphabet came to represent the various fraternities of students in the study sites.

Many of these societies, particularly in North America were created as forums for discussion, and intellectual enrichment. These companies, with its love of knowledge and learning, adopt high ethical codes, secret rituals, oaths, and emblems of membership. The fraternities are living in today's universities, and Greek letters look proud of their emblem.

Among the members of many fraternities today, getting a tattoo with the Greek letters in the same part of the rite of belonging to it, as the "secret handshake" or other similar traditions.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The zodiac sign tattoos aquarium

As a good aquarium I am devoting a small entrance to the association of this magnificent sign with tattoos.

As an air sign, Aquarius is associated with thought, perspective and communication.

In combination with other elements, the air is darkened in conjunction with water, and earth smothers him, but the conjunction with the fire inspires the rise to higher levels.

As a fixed sign, associated especially with the attention, individuality and determination.